We provide local and  statewide personal (close) protection bodyguard services  customized to  your needs. Discreet, protective services, bodyguards, for community leaders, celebrities, corporate executives, private individuals and their families. We protect against  high level (imminent danger) threats including; domestic violence victims, work place violence, celebrity stalkers, over-aggressive paparazzi and off campus school bullies. We enforce “protective orders” commonly referred to as “restraining orders” (Florida Statute Section 741.30).


We provide a safe and secure environment for you to pursue your daily activities and business. We conduct advanced premise-venue threat assessments and sweeps of your business office, sports forum-suites, home and other facilities for improvised explosive devices, electronic surveillance devices, and other hidden people threats.  We conduct advanced route screening and provide armed vehicle escorts to and from the Tampa International Airport, Tampa Executive Airport, your home, place of business or recreation. 



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