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Contracted Rate & Fee Schedule, 2020

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Private investigation fees are charged on a hourly rate (4 hour minimum) and expenses (see below).††††††††††† The hourly rate for one (1) investigator is $100.00. Each additional investigator authorized by the client will be billed accordingly, but generally discounted for multi-venue investigations.


Private security or protective service details (plainclothes teams) consist of two agents, and the hourly rate is $160.00. Each additional agent (bodyguard) authorized by the client will be billed accordingly. Larger security details are discounted, and services that exceed a 24 hour period will be discounted as well, especially multi-venue assignments.


A retainer and a signed service agreement is required before services are initiated. The retainer guarantees the assignment will be performed and funds the services. The amount of the retainer depends on the projected number of service hours and up-front expenses. Any unused retainers on deposit will be refunded promptly upon completion of the assignment.


Fees are broken down as: Investigative or Protection Time, Travel Time, Administrative Time, Mileage, and Expenses. Expenses may include airline/commuter† travel, lodging, rental vehicles, database access fees, GPS tracking, and public record duplication fees. Specialty services may be charged at a flat rate, i.e.,† forensic services, drug and DNA paternity testing, and process service.




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