The State of Florida, Division of Licensing supported by Florida statue Chapter 493 allows licensed  private investigators (Class “C”) and licensed security officers (Class “D”)   to perform plain clothes “bodyguard” or executive protection services. PI’s working as bodyguards must be employed by a Private Investigative Agency (Class “A” license) or employed by a Security Agency (Class “B” license) who maintains dual licenses (Class “A” & “B” )  in order to provide both investigative and uniform security services. A special firearms license (Class “G”) is required while performing plain clothes (no uniform) bodyguard duties with a concealed firearm. 


It is important to understand that bodyguard services is a specialized field in the security industry. The tactics, techniques and procedures or skill set for protective or personal security services require additional training and experience. Florida private investigative and security company associations,  FALI and FASCO , aid the industry by providing educational and training forums for private investigators and security personnel  to continually sharpen their skills. Some state associations have adopted special certification programs for their members. Members may earn a special distinction for a particular investigative or security specialty.


Before you hire or contract with an investigative or security agency ask to see their state license. You can call the state licensing office and check for any complaints or disciplinary action on file. Ask about their experience, background and association membership status. Ask for a service agreement and confirm fees, retainers, expenses and special operational requirements. Ask for timely and periodic reports, and make sure the agents are prepared to  testify in court if necessary.




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