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The agency specializes in cold case Missing Persons Investigations, those reported as missing to local law enforcement (HCSO) (TPD), but the investigation has gone cold. Nationwide, there an estimated 100,000 active missing persons cases and more that 40,000 sets of human remains that have not been identified (NamUs).  No one vanishes into thin air and the circumstances leading to the disaperance of a person or persons (infant, child or adult)  varies in scope and human complexity, i.e., abduction by non-custodial parents, family members, human traffickers, sexual predators, runaways, instituational walkaways, mentally diminished, recreational hikers and other more nefarious reasons.


Our missing person investigator goes through extra lengths in reviewing and redeveloping new leads to a cold case. The process begins by an in-depth review of all case files and pertinent facts of the case. Using traditional and nontraditional investigative methods and resources a working theroy of the case is developed. We use student volunteers for recanvassing and academia in forensics and cold case investigations. A few investigative actions and proceedures include door-to-door interviews and data collection, redeveloping leads and identifying new and old persons of interest. The collection of DNA, birth mark identification, fingerprints, dental records and other types forensic analysis is kept on file, if needed, to confirm the identification of our missing person.


Building upon statutory guidelines we use Florida Statutes, Chapter 937, Missing Person Investigations. Local and statewide law enforcement coordination is supported. Search now to confirm your family member has been entered into the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) database. Florida Criminal Information Center (FCIC) or the Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse (MEPIC).


“According to US government sources 600,000 individuals go missing every year and 4,400                      unidentified bodies are recovered each year”